At Dronemadrid we drones

Drones are becoming a much more viable alternative for audiovisual production companies since they free us of cranes, dollys and other tedious set-ups which the technicians of any audiovisual production house in advertising, cinema or television are familiar with. For this reason, demand for our drone audiovisual production service is steadily increasing, thanks to its being an innovative service which provides a variety of options the traditional methods just can’t compete with.

As a drone audiovisual production company, here at Dronemadrid we know that the deployment of drones for all manner of audiovisual recording is growing in importance with each day. On account of this, Dronemadrid’s goal is to offer excellent service with all the expected benefits and guarantees, and to provide a novel service as an audiovisual producer which will allow us to become a reference in the sector.

Take advantage of our video drone service. A totally innovative system for corporate videos, documentaries, full-length films, short films, in fact, for events of every kind.

With drone technology, everything is feasible and it opens up the opportunities for shooting both full-length and short films. At Dronemadrid we have the best cameras on the market, alongside a team of operators with ample experience in the sector, all of which will bring the highest filming quality to your shoot.

The promotional or corporate video has always been the best way make our companies known to others. Make the most of this new technology to create a corporate video with a difference.

A documentary narrative requires a great deal of localisation. With the drone service we can compile all the maps you may need and from previously impossible perspectives

  • Summary videos
  • Promotional material
  • Conference coverage