The use of drones in the telecommunications sector permits the inspection and even inventory of material on a tower, enormously reducing the risks during routine inspections because the main risk is avoided: the ascent up the tower by an operator.

By using HD cameras, a view of the infrastructure never seen before is provided, allowing the carrying out of quality checklists, installation inspections, workflow planning or even definintion and organisation of additions to projects – all accompanied by images and videos which make decision-making far easier, saving time and costs.

Another of the many possibilities is to interact remotely with the field pilots who are able to provide you live images of any aspect of the installation from the comfort of an internet connection and a browser, wherever you may be. This virtual on-site presence facilitates decision-making extremely quickly and makes the use of drones far more attractive than many of the other options to carry out these kinds of tasks.

What’s more, for special situations we can develop applications which are tailor-made to your requirements.